Botanical names


Hello everyone !

This post features names that convey a botanical feel (flowers and trees, including some fruit trees, too!)

(You can click on each name to see a picture)

Acacia (tree + flower) – one of my ultimate favorites. The Ark of the Covenant was made of acacia wood. These trees last all year long and are symbolic for their strength and durability.

Amaryllis – When offered, chosen for its dramatic touch. Nicknames: Amy, Mary, Lys, Lizzy.

Azalea/Azalée – Symbol of abundance (Azalea Banks, singer) Nicknames: Lea, Azy, Zalea.

Camélia/Camellia – Symbolic for its graciousness (Camélia Jordana, singer)

Daffodil/Jonquille – Chivalry, courage, valiance.

Dahlia – Pretty choice, mysterious and feminine.

Daisy/Marguerite/Margaret/Margarida – Means “pearl”. Innocence. Airy, light

Fleur/Flora – Vintage and flowery but not frilly!

Gardenia – Joyful.

Hyacinth – Sincerity.

Iris – Inspiration.

Ivy – Symbol of fidelity (Ivy Sullivan, character on the tv-show 90210, The Next Generation)

Jasmin(e)/Yasmin(e) – Grace and elegance (Disney princess in Aladdin).

Juniper – Bolder alternative to June, Junia.

Lavender – Symbol of distrust (Lavender Brown, character in Harry Potter).

Lilac/Lilas – Offered to a first love.

Lily/Lillian/Susannah/Susana – A favorite in England and rightfully so! (Lily Collins, actress, Lily Cole, actress/model, Susannah Shakespeare, daughter of William Shakespeare).

Lotus – An unusual but nice pick (Lotus Elodie Spelling, Randy Spelling’s daughter)

Magnolia – dignity. Nicknames: Maggie, Nola (Magnolia Breeland, character on Hart of Dixie)

Maple – Really cute, has a vintage feel due to its similarity to retro Mabel and similarly-sounding, Fable.

Marigold – Goldie is a possible nickname

Orchid – Delicate beauty.

Poppy – Consolation (Poppy Montgomery, actress)

Primrose/Primevère – Nicknames: Prim, Rosie, Vera (Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’ sister in Hunger Games)

Rose – A timeless and tasteful choice.

Tigerlily – Bold choice maybe but the flower is REALLY pretty

Violet/Violette/Viola/Violetta/Ianthe – Means purple. Symbol of faithfulness

Willow – (Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, Willow Hart, Pink!’s daughter)

Zinnia – Different and feminine with its Z beginning and A ending.


Bodhi –  Tree of wisdom (Bodhi Ransom Green and Bodhi Rain Palmer, Megan Fox and Teresa Palmer’s newborn sons!)

Leif/Leaf – Leif makes the reference less “obvious” but both are beautiful for a little boy.

Sage/Saige – Unisex, good alternative to Paige

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you want to know more about the story behind a particular name, I’ll be glad to make a research for you.

Feel free to comment and share your personal favorites (and the reason why) or additionnal choices.


Clover – When a clover has four leaves, it brings luck. Why not for a fourth child or an amazing baby girl?
Cypress – Original nature name

Oakley – Unisex, the oak tree association provides a good nature name option

Heather – Symbol of admiration and good luck.



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