Colorful names


This time, lights on color names!

Naming your child one of the colors of the rainbow can be a lot of fun, the choices are numerous and quite stylish! Your cherub will bring even more joy into your life with a spunky, colorful name 🙂

(I’ll put “obvious” choices as well as variants and shades of colors. – names are in “color scheme”)



Azure – perfect for a blue-eyed babe

Blake/Blakely – fair-haired or dark (!)



Blue – Beyoncé and Jay-Z paired this color with Ivy, the roman for their lucky number, 4 (IV)

Cattleya – this purple-ish name feels unexpected yet really pretty



Coral – a name fitted for a head-to-toe girly girl 😉

Crimson – a brother to sister Scarlett for red-loving parents


Grey/Gray – fit for an handsome gentleman (this name is gaining popularity since the release of the book Fifty Shades of Grey and its charismatic male character, Christian Grey). The “Gray” spelling can suit a little girl, too!

Indigo – Amazing name! The – o ending is sassy on a girl and Indie or even India can be nicknames to “tone it down”.


Kelly – Meaning “war” and also a shade of green 

Kieran/Kiera/Kyra – little dark one


Magenta – Maggie is a possible nickname…

Melanie – dark, black. Mel, Laine or Lainey are nickname options.

Rainbow – the ultimate color name choice! Watch out, it makes a statement!

Rose – pink

Scarlett – Thanks to Gone With The Wind and Scarlett O’Hara, this color became a legitimate name! More recently, actress Scarlett Johansson made the name gain renewed popularity.


Vermilion – Vera or Millie are cute nicknames


I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

What are your favorite color names? Are you named after a color? Which one? Do you like it?

See you soon!


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