Geographical names


Hi guys! I thought it would be fun to write this post next because it’s a broad subject and it’s always nice to see which unusual (or not) names parents and celebrities come up with. A lot of these names I remembered from hearing them or seeing them on forums but I discovered some when I scattered the internet, too.

We can undoubtedly say that a lot of place names fit both sexes and can match numerous name styles: parents who want to celebrate the place where they (first) met, or married, a place they visited and kept a fond memory of or even the spot where their child was conceived… 🙂

A geographical name can also open a world of possibilities for a child and for parents who expect their child to be opened to the world, or even fearless and adventurous and maybe be a future globetrotter!

Here a (SOME) possibilities for an erudite traveler baby!

Adelaide, Australia

Ajax, Canada


Aspen, Colorado

Astoria, Oregon

Aurora, Ontario

Austin, Texas

(Santa) Barbara, California

Berkeley, California (or England)

Bluebell, Pennsylvania (or in Alabama but it’s a fictionnal setting in Hart of Dixie !)

Boston (in Massachussetts, New York and England)

Brooklyn, New York

Cairo, Egypt

Camden, England

(Grand) Canyon, Arizona


Charlotte(town), Canada

Dakota, Wisconsin (and the U.S. state)

Dallas, Texas

Daphne, Alabama

Dayton, Ohio (and Virginia)

(San) Diego, California

Ellis (island), New York

Eugene, Oregon

Florence, Italy

(San) Francisco

George(town), Washington, D.C.

Georgia (U.S. state or European country)

Georgina, Ontario

Harley, Ontario

(New) Haven, Connecticut

Indiana(polis), Indiana

Jackson(ville), Florida

Kansas, Missouri

Logan, Ohio

London/Londyn/Landon/Landen, England – this name as so many variations coming from « London » obviously to fit a little boy, too ! It’s not surprising that this name isn’t a top choice in England unlike the U.S.

(San) Lorenzo, Paraguay


Madison – A lot of “-son” names have made it to the girl side and especially Madison with its “oh-so-lovely” Maddie nickname // Addison with Addie

Morgan (City), Louisiana

Paisley, Scotland

Paris, France

(São) Paulo, Brazil

(San) Pedro, Paraguay

Phoenix – even though I can’t be sure for this one if Phoenix as to do with the bird… (River Phoenix, actor, Phoenix Chi Brown, Melanie Brown’s daughter and Tammin Sursok’s baby girl, Phoenix Emmanuel) 

Pilar, Paraguay

Rio (de Janeiro), Brazil – this one is AMAZING, it’s short and sunny and bold!

Roma(n/e), Italy

Santiago, (San) Tiago, Chile (and Portugal)

Savannah, Georgia – really feminine and pretty

Sierra (Nevada), California (and Spain)

Victoria, British Columbia


A lot of my favorite names are place names if I had to “choose” I’ll probably pick one of these : Arizona, Astoria, Aspen, Brooklyn, Carolina, Charlotte, Diego, Georgia, Madison, Rio, Santiago or Tiago, Savannah and Victoria (girls win this place name game for me 🙂 ) These are my choices because they remind me of the summer, make me happy and think of pretty little boys and girls running free in the summer heat and beautiful colors!

What are yours?

See you soon!


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