Twin names


Due to my friend Mélanie’s (insistent 😉 ) request: here are the TWIN NAMES!

Having twins is seeing double everything: cribs, baby clothes and of course, baby names! If you already had trouble naming one child, try naming two! Twins mean double the trouble but double the fun, too. So, if you’re expecting, hoping to someday expect or just love twins, this post is for you!

Twin names need to complement each other, as twins have so much in common (same birthday, sometimes same looks, personalities and at times just about everything, just name it!) their name needs to reflect that they’re each a distinct individual yet with a very special bond with another human being. They are, most of all, siblings so their names need to go together. When you name a sibset (set of siblings), since they are, in most cases, born years apart, their names reflect your taste evolution or compromise with your partner. Your other children names don’t necessary match each other in a rhymey-or-same-first-initial-way… So why do that with twins who are already so alike?

My intention is not to criticize parents who do that way but I just want to show that name possibilities are so infinite (even when it comes to naming two babies) that it’s a shame to go with two similar names that scream “yeah, that’s right, we are twins” whereas two “different” names can be perfectly acceptable (you’ll read more about that next). It can also take a “burden” out of your child shoulders who will need to spread his wings without its twin at some point in his/her life without having to share the (almost) exact same name as well.

I am going to list some twin-naming “faux-pas” (IMO, I insist) and tips:

  • Choosing names starting with the same letter or the same sound: My rule is “don’t overdo it”: Oliver and Olivia are choices that seem too obvious, unless you nickname them all the time Ollie and Libby, it’s quite confusing when they’re running around the house and you’re chasing after them calling them “Oliv…!”, fill the gap. Why not, if you want to stick with the same first letter go for choices such as Oscar and Ophelia (= literary associated names) or Olive and Oakley (= word/nature names) who make a really cute combination but keep a distinct and individual feel.
  • Did you know that Lily and Susannah are ultimately the same name? And Isobel and Elizabeth? What about Noor and Lux as middle names since they both mean “light”? William (or Liam) and Edmund both mean “protection”! And if it’s a boy/girl configuration: Rosamund can join her brother William! Kayla and Stephanie join that club too, they both mean “crowned”! You can go by choosing similar names in meaning that couldn’t be farther in spelling, it’s a testimony of great effort to find meaningful names that are not apparent to everyone’s eyes and can make a memorable name story.
  • You and your partner disagree on names? Your spouse can choose baby A’s name, you, baby B’s. Let’s just hope your choices aren’t too far style-wise as Daenerys (character played by Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones) and Catherine (classic and consistent choice)! Don’t choose opposite names in style (as mentioned above), Puff Daddy choose for his twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James, nothing to report here except… They’re both girls! D’Lila inherits a really feminine name and her sister Jessie has two unisex ones! It could be quite sad if they’d envy each other’s name later on…
  • Family names are great, too, you can honor both grandmothers/grandfathers, etc. on the two babies. You can also give them the same middle name (Robert, James, Lillian, Margaret, etc.) or related middle names like Rose and Violet, Pearl and Belle or even Poet, Lyric or Fable. And if they’re boys: Grey and Crimson could be fun!
  • Love both names equally: don’t settle if you’re not satisfied with one of the names or the sound of the two together, persevere! Like the love you have for all your children, their names are a reflection of that, you have to (really) love them, they’re going to bear it every day of their life!
  • Don’t make a joke out of the twins’ names: Starsky and Hutch is a true story, not worth repeating! Always try saying the names in one way and the other, Hugo and Victor are perfectly respectable but say Victor and Hugo and you get Victor Hugo, the French poet!


Some of the best named twins in my opinion are:

  • Rebecca Woolf (Blogger on Girl’s Gone, Boheme Shalom and Reverie Lux, giving them yin and yang names, Boheme’s freedom is contrasted by the peace (Shalom) and Reverie’s sweetness is hit by a bolt, her light (Lux). Previous babes are named Archer Sage and Fable Luella!
  • Marcia Cross’ Savannah and Eden have both place names (the garden of Eden and Savannah, Georgia) that I perceive like blessings, a sense of peace and contentment since she had them at age 45.
  • Ricky Martin’s Matteo and Valentino seem righteous brothers and keep that latin feel and distinctiveness.
  • Marion and Tabitha, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s daughters, love it! They look so different and their names seem to suit them perfectly.
  • Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s Monroe and Morrocan stuck to me, they’re spunky with the same first initial! 😉
  • Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn’s girls, which single names I didn’t like; I discovered (writing this) their entire name: Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose. Charlie and Dolly are nicknames’ name, they rhyme. “Charlie” is a bit masculine compared to Dolly, probably after Jerry’s brother and “Rebecca” is after mom, two namesakes. Finally, “Rose” and “Tulip” are related names, both flowers.

The top baby names of 2005 for twins “decrypted”:


Sorry for the data which is a bit dated but the names are overall consistent.

My first observation is the same first initials (13 out of 20 for the boys, 9 out of 20 for the girls and 18 out of 20 for the boy/girl!) The letter “J” is the most used for both babies 11 times (out of 40), “M” is used 8 times for both babies, “E”, 5 times and “A”, 4 times.

The most shocking for me is the duo that appears on the three lists: Taylor and Tyler. The names’ origin is English meaning, tailor (surprise!). Taylor is legitimately become unisex but Tyler’s still on the boys’ side… Still, on the girl/girl case, this choice is ranked at #2, one the girls being named Tyler!

For me, Emma and Ella are too close in sound, too. And the virtuous sisters Faith and Hope (#1) and Faith and Grace (#8) have made their way to millions of parents’ hearts, it’s pretty but overdone in my taste…


I hope you enjoyed my twins post. It gave me the opportunity to express myself a little more than with my recollections of themed names and I had a lot of fun listing the do’s and don’t’s of twin-naming. I’d like to do this more often so your opinion and suggestions are welcome!




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