At a family friend’s christening I met…

0001745_400_1…some interestingly named babies and toddlers.

Two weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday, I went to a family friend’s christening. The baptized one-year old boy is named Rafael (our families are both Portuguese and they chose to use the “Portuguese-friendly” spelling). At church, there were two other babies who were about to begin their journey into the Christian faith : Antonio and Agathe.

Rafael‘s parents invited friends who brought their families along to the get-together planed afterwards. Léon was there, brothers Alphonse and newborn Nelson were there too. Twin girls Lilou & Jade attended and Héloïse (or was it Louise?) as well.

What did I think of hearing all those names?

Well, first of all I was surprised at how short the majority of the names were, they’re either two or three-syllable names (and Jade can be counted as a one-syllable name !).

Secondly, all names are modern and retro at the same time: Agathe and Alphonse could be grandparents but they’ll fit perfectly in kindergarten in 2015, too!

Lilou & Jade are good examples of parents’ choices nowadays, they’re short and spunky, feminine and well-established so their children will bear a name that is distinctive enough not to be known as [80-90’s throwback] “Sarah” B., “Sarah” H. or “Sarah” T. in class and, at the same time, won’t make them feel like the odd one out.

Another trend is L-beginning names. They are really popular in French-speaking countries: Léa (#5), Lola (#7), Lucie (#8), Léna (#9), Léonie (#24) and Lilou (#25) are parents’ favorites, to end at the “first” 25 top girl’s names. As for the boys: Louis (#1), Lucas (#4) and Léo (#8) are pretty high-ranking!

Vowels are also “hot”, especially E and A: Emma, Alice, Anna and Eva are top 20 names as are Arthur and Ethan.

I really enjoyed this baptism, I had a blast meeting all these beautifully-named babies and toddlers and it was really fun to link them and find some kind of trend. 

And you, who did you meet recently?


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