At a family friend’s christening I met…

0001745_400_1…some interestingly named babies and toddlers.

Two weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday, I went to a family friend’s christening. The baptized one-year old boy is named Rafael (our families are both Portuguese and they chose to use the “Portuguese-friendly” spelling). At church, there were two other babies who were about to begin their journey into the Christian faith : Antonio and Agathe.

Rafael‘s parents invited friends who brought their families along to the get-together planed afterwards. Léon was there, brothers Alphonse and newborn Nelson were there too. Twin girls Lilou & Jade attended and Héloïse (or was it Louise?) as well.

What did I think of hearing all those names?

Well, first of all I was surprised at how short the majority of the names were, they’re either two or three-syllable names (and Jade can be counted as a one-syllable name !).

Secondly, all names are modern and retro at the same time: Agathe and Alphonse could be grandparents but they’ll fit perfectly in kindergarten in 2015, too!

Lilou & Jade are good examples of parents’ choices nowadays, they’re short and spunky, feminine and well-established so their children will bear a name that is distinctive enough not to be known as [80-90’s throwback] “Sarah” B., “Sarah” H. or “Sarah” T. in class and, at the same time, won’t make them feel like the odd one out.

Another trend is L-beginning names. They are really popular in French-speaking countries: Léa (#5), Lola (#7), Lucie (#8), Léna (#9), Léonie (#24) and Lilou (#25) are parents’ favorites, to end at the “first” 25 top girl’s names. As for the boys: Louis (#1), Lucas (#4) and Léo (#8) are pretty high-ranking!

Vowels are also “hot”, especially E and A: Emma, Alice, Anna and Eva are top 20 names as are Arthur and Ethan.

I really enjoyed this baptism, I had a blast meeting all these beautifully-named babies and toddlers and it was really fun to link them and find some kind of trend. 

And you, who did you meet recently?


Duggar family vs. Bates family names

Today, I’ve decided to write about two of America’s best known large families: the Duggars and the Bates. It piqued my interest because it is not common to meet families having (almost) 20 children nowadays! I also would secretly love to have the chance to name that many children… I’m going to introduce the families, list the names, the differences and similarities and make some commentaries. Have yourself a good read!

Both families came to the spotlight because of their size and each have a tv-show to show us their daily lives (and struggles?): 19 Kids and Counting (previously named 17 Kids and Counting and then, 18 Kids and Counting) and United Bates of America (ended after one season back in 2012).

The two families are Christian and “quiverfull”, referring to a psalm in the Bible (Old Testament, psalm 127:3-5) : 

On the Bates family site (, there is this reference: Children are such a reward from the Lord as it states in Psalm 127:3-5: “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”

A new international version states: “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.”

It means that they don’t use birth control and trust the Lord to decide how many children they will have. And they both had 19 of them!

The Bates

Sans titre2

(Photo credit goes to:

Zachary « Zach » Gilvin (b.1988): Zach’s middle name is dad’s first.

Michael Christian (b.1990): She’s also nicknamed Michaella. Kelly Jo says herself ( “As a young Christian, I wanted to give her a Bible name. I read a list of women’s names in the Bible and saw David’s wife (spelled “Michal”). Unfortunately, when she was less than a year old, I read through my Bible for the first time and discovered Michal wasn’t a good role model. We legally could change her name for free if we only slightly changed the spelling while she was under a year old. We changed the spelling to Michael, which means “Who is like the Lord,” which she has certainly tried to live up to!!”.

I understand Kelly’s explanation but Michael’s first name is such an American male classic… Combined with a more feminine middle, I could like it but just reading this name, I would say “boy all the way”!

 Erin Elise (b.1991): The alliteration works well in this case, even though Elise wins over Erin for me.

William Lawson “Lawson” (b.1992): I like it, it’s a real comboy name but for me, this will always be William Lawson!

Kenneth Nathaniel “Nathan” (b.1993)

Alyssa Joy (b.1994)

Tori Layne (b.1995)

Trace Whitfield (b.1997)

Carlin Brianne (b.1998)

Josie Kellyn (b.1999): I’m assuming the middle name Kellyn honors mom, it’s a nice twist.

Katie Grace (b.2000)

Jackson Ezekiel (b.2002): Ezekiel is a guilty pleasure of mine, the “k” in the first and middle name are quite flowy.

Warden Justice (b.2003)

Isaiah Courage (b.2004): Kelly says: “Having had several critical accidents as a child, he has earned his middle name “Courage”.”

Addallee Hope (b.2006): Kelly explains: “Addallee means “The Lord is my strength and refuge”. The double letters in her name remind us that God gave her a second chance in life when she was born with complications that caused her breathing and her heart to stop. She has been a blessing from the start and adds joy to our life.”

I like the fact that Alyssa has Joy, Katie has Grace, Warden has Justice, Isaiah has Courage and Addallee has Hope, yay to virtue middle names!

Ellie Bridget (b.2007): Kelly writes: “Ellie Bridget means “Strong light”. She’s a bubbly little ray of sunshine that loves to give hugs and loves to cuddle up in someone’s lap.”

Callie-Anna Rose (b.2009)

Judson Wyatt (b.2010): Wyatt means brave, maybe a nod to “Courage”.

Jeb Colton (b.2012): I think Judson and Jeb are really modern brothers, good combos!

I really like the fact that Kelly and Gil seem to have given much tought to their babies’ names, they are meaningful and distinctive, well done!

Zach is married to Whitney and they are having a son in October 2014, Bradley Bates. 

Sans titre

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UPDATES (September 2015 and July 2016):

The Bates currently star in the UP TV show Bringing Up Bates and now have 3 granchildren (and counting):

As announced earlier, Zach and Whitney have a son, Bradley Gilvin Bates (born October 29th, 2014). Baby sister Kaci Lynn joined the family on June 20th ,2016.

Kaci Lynn Bates (Source: Bates family blog)

Alyssa and her husband John have a daughter, Allie Jane Webster (born April 11th, 2015). Allie is a spin on mom Alyssa’s name, I’ve heard it stand on its own quite some times, let’s just hope mom is not nicknamed “Allie”!

Allie Jane, Carson and Bradley

Allie Jane, Carson and Bradley

After some struggles and painful miscarriages, Erin and her husband Chad safely welcomed their baby son, Carson Paine on May 14th, 2015. Carson is actually a nickname for Charles Stephen Paine IV. I think Erin and Chad had a brilliant idea to give him a “name of his own” because being a Junior, a II, a III or even IV (etc.) can be hard. A name is chosen by parents for their child for its significance, sometimes its sound and their expectations for the child’s future. To bear the same name as your father (and ancestors) can be challenging for a child because he can feel pressured to live up to those role models, he also has to find his place and his individuality. In this case, Carson has his “own” name, his personal name without breaking from tradition and honor his ancestors with his formal one. Erin is now expecting a baby girl, Brooklyn Elise (mom’s middle name) in August 2016!

The Duggars

Michelle explained she had a miscarriage a little while after her first child, Joshua, was born and that she named the baby Caleb. For John-David and Jana, she just liked the names and having named her three first children with a name starting with “J”, by the time she had her fourth, she named her Jill because she didn’t know if she was her last (!) and she didn’t want the child to feel left out if she named her Mary for example.

Joshua James (b.1988)

Jana Marie and John-David (b.1990)

Jill Michelle (b.1991): Jill bears mom’s first name, Michelle, as her middle one.

Jessa Lauren (b.1992)

Jinger Nicole (b.1993): I like Ginger but I’m surprised they didn’t find another “J” name they liked instead of “misspelling” this one…

Joseph Garrett (b.1995): This name has a cowboy feel to me (like Lawson Bates)

Josiah Matthew (b.1996)

Joy-Anna (b.1997)

Jedidiah Robert and Jeremiah Robert (b.1998): They share the same middle name, Robert (which also is dad’s middle) but their first is too close in sound in my opinion.

Jason Michael (b.2000)

James Andrew (b.2001): Joshua’s middle is used as James’ first, it’s dad’s first name (Jim Bob or James Robert) and an all-time American favorite for a good reason.

Justin Samuel (b.2002)

Jackson Levi (b.2004): I love Justin and Jackson’s full names, so cute!

Johannah Faith (b.2005): Joy-Anna and Johannah are far too similar for me but I know Joy-Anna is called Joy and Johannah goes by Hannie/Annie so, it helps.

Jennifer Danielle (b.2007): I was surprised with this choice because Jennifer was at his high in the 80’s. Still, it reamins a beautiful name (no wonder so many people liked it 30 years ago!) and I think this name is fitting for that little girl.

Jordyn-Grace Makiya (b.2008): Jim Bob said she was the first with three names and I think it’s cool. Jordyn-Grace is a fun combo!

Josie Brooklyn (b.2009): This nickname for Josephine can stand on its own and Brooklyn give it an extra edge, I like it.

Little Jubilee Shalom was stillborn on December 2011 (x). I like Jubilee, it’s different and Shalom gives it peace.

Josh is married to Anna since 2008 and they currently have 3 children:

(Photo credit goes to:

Mackynzie Renée (b.2009)

Michael James (b.2011)

Marcus Anthony (b.2013) 

UPDATE: Anna announces she is expecting her fourth child in late 2014. 


Meredith Grace Duggar (Photo credit

Meredith Grace was born on July 16th, 2015.

Photo credit goes to

Cute little Meredith Grace Duggar (Photo credit goes to

When Anna had Michael, people commented about him and Mackynzie sharing the same first initial (“M”) and Anna replied they just liked the name. Now with Marcus, I’m guessing she’s following her MIL’s footsteps… Fun fact, the name “Meredith” was once suggested to Anna for a future baby by host Meredith Vieira from the Today Show.

Jill recently married (in June 2014) and she is expecting her first child with Derick Dillard, I can’t wait to find out the name! Will it be a boy or a girl? Will the name start with “D”, like dad Derick?! [His younger brother is named Daniel, so…]

Derick, "baby Dilly" Israel and Jill Dillard Photo credit goes to

Derick, “baby Dilly” Israel and Jill Dillard
Photo credit goes to

UPDATE (September 2015): Jill and Derick had a little boy, Israel David Dillard on April 6, 2015. I really like his name, Israel has an edge and the middle name David compliments it well (and it starts with “D”!) Even though “Israel” conveys a lot of history (both past and present) and is a subject which often arouses mixed feelings, the Holy Land’s name can stand as as given name and means “prevails with God” or “wrestles with God”. Jill travelled to Israel back in 2011.

UPDATE: Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald are expecting a baby in November 2015! They welcomed a boy, Spurgeon Elliot who was nicknamed “Quincy” throughout Jessa’s pregnancy. Spurgeon is named after Charles Spurgeon, a 19th century preacher. It’s a contested choice that is meaningful to the parents. Although unusual for most, in their “circles” of family and friends Biblical names are overused. The reference to this religious figure is most likely to be well-received and it won’t feel like a stretch.

Fun facts and Comparison

Gil and Kelly Jo have 9 boys and 10 girls and Jim Bob and Michelle have 10 boys and 9 girls!

All of the latter couple’s children have a name beginning with the letter “J“, like their dad James.

Another difference is that Michelle has two sets of twins and all of Kelly’s babies where born as singletons!

After six boys in a row, Michelle’s four youngest are girls. Jackson, Warden and Isaiah Bates are close in age and referred to as “the three Stooges” in an Instagram picture.

The families share a Josie and a Jackson.

What do you think? Do you like their name choices?

Would you have named them something different? You can do it in the comment box! 

See you soon,


Divergent names

Divergent is a young adult novel written by Veronica Roth (consisting in 3 books : Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) and a movie (so far).

In a dystopian and futuristic Chicago, people are divided into five factions that represent a virtue: Amity (friendship, peace and harmony), Candor (values [brutal] honesty and order), Abnegation (altruism and help to others in need), Erudite (knowledge and education), Dauntless (fearlessness and bravery).
Beatrice (later known as “Tris”) leaves in the Abnegation sector (which has never felt quite right), having reached age sixteen, she, and her brother Caleb, now have to take a test which will help them decide whether they should stay in their birth faction or leave their family and friends in order to be their true selves. Unfortunately, the test reveals that Tris doesn’t fit in any social category, she’s Divergent. It must stay a secret because Divergent are threats to the system since they can’t be controlled. Beatrice decides to go with the Dauntless which she has always admired by a far. Now an initiate, she becomes Tris and encounters Four, her Dauntless instructor. You have to read/watch the rest to find out what happens next!

Divergent piqued my interest because names seemed an important deal in this universe: the main character “changes” her name to a surname, Four isn’t really a name (or I’m unaware of a number trend except the Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven, Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu’s son Seven Sirius Benjamin or the Novogratz’s son Five Beck… Actually it could work!) and I knew some of the names’ meanings and it seemed to click with the character’s personality.
I also read Veronica Roth’s snippet What’s in a name? (from The Path to Allegiant) who enlightened me a little bit but it seems the author did give it thought but not as much as I thought….

Veronica Roth chose many Biblical (Hebrew) names and Latin and Greek rooted names so all of them are well established (even though some are fairly unused). All characters are known by a single name maybe because the population is limited so there aren’t duplicates and confusion.

Beatrice Prior means “she who brings happiness”. I think the meaning is beautiful, it’s so sweet, warm and gentle. Beatrix is more daring and vintage-y and Beatriz is the sweet Mediterranean option with the sassy –z ending (pronounced bee-a-tr-eej). When Beatrice jumps from a rooftop to the Dauntless headquarters, Four asks her name, seeing her hesitate he says she only has one chance and Tris is born. Roth explained her choice for Beatrice going by Tris by saying that, like a pope or a reborn believer who has to change his/her name to enter his/her new life, unlike “Beatrice”, “Tris” embodies a new person, who isn’t tied to a past and has the chance to start all over again and create a new identity. Tris clearly lives up to her promise throughout the books showing great bravery, intelligence, sacrifice and loads of love.

Four’s real name is Tobias Eaton, which, like Toby, means “God is good”. His nickname stuck after his former Dauntless initiation instructor bestowed it to him [*SPOILER*] because fear landscapes simulations revealed he only has four fears [*END OF SPOILER*]. Four is a badass nickname and it suits him well but I like his softer Tobias side and the fact that he almost gave this name as a present for Tris to cherish. It seems like very few people like his real name, though!

Marcus Eaton and Evelyn Johnson are Tobias’ parents. Marcus struck me the most because it means “warlike”, it’s amazing how it embodies one of this character’s biggest trait! Names like Marcel(l)a/o also share the same meaning. On the other hand, Evelyn, like Aveline/a, mean “wished for child” or “hazelnut”.

Andrew, Natalie and Caleb Prior are Beatrice’s family members. Andrew is the patriarch, his name means “strong and manly”, Natalie means “birthday of the Lord, born on Christmas day” and Caleb means “devotion to God”.

Christina is a “feminization” of Christian, a word name.
Cara means “friend” and it’s sweet because she helps the Dauntless, Peter means “rock” and Will(iam) “resolute protector”.
Uriah and Zeke are biblically named brothers, Zeke is a nickname for Ezekiel, “God strengthens” and Uriah means “God is my light”.

I thought of (hypothetical) names for Tris and Four’s (hypothetical) babies related to their families and history together.
I imagined they would have three children, two girls and a boy last: Eliora Natalie, Clementine Arabella and Matthias Everett Eaton. They have two names because the world is bigger now and so it adds more meaning and it allows them to honor more people!

Eliora means “God is my light”, just like Uriah, Natalie is an obvious homage to Tris’ beloved mother, Clementine means “clement, merciful, mild”, a nod to their Abnegation past and Arabella means “yielding to prayer”, religion being an underlying theme and Tris wondering if she’s a believer. Lastly, Matthias means “gift of God” and Everett means “brave” and is related to their Dauntless past and how they met. I feel like Tobias would have been an amazing father but would have been relieved after the birth of his only son, always fearing a mirrored relationship from his and his father’s, realizing he had nothing to worry about.

What do you think? Do you agree with my analysis? What are your favorite Divergent names?

See you soon,

Pretty Little Liars’ names


The Liars: Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily.

You may be familiar with the tv-show Pretty Little Liars which first aired back in 2010. The series, currently airing its fifth season and 100+ episodes, is based on the book series written by Sara Shepard. The story revolves around a group of five friends who start receiving anonymous messages containing some of their deepest secrets and leading them to dangerous situations after one of the the girls (Alison) disappears. I am a fan of the show because of the story, the suspense that always brings me to the edge of my seat. I am amazed at how they always find new plot twists and are able to surprise the viewers, I love the wardrobe and I am totally obsessed with the names featured! I decided to feature the main characters (and some of their friends and family when it proves a pattern or are especially intriguing) and not only to analyze the name but do a little personality psychology.

The Liars:

  • Aria Montgomery: The word name “aria” means “song” or “melody” in Italian. An aria is an elaborate vocal solo, usually performed in operas. It is sometimes assimilated to Ariel which means lioness or Ariana, the daughter of Minos in Greek mythology. I absolutely love Aria’s name, it conveys an airy (the litteral meaning of Italian’s aria…), musical, almost fairy-like feel. It’s an underused name and suits the character perfectly because she’s imaginative, creative, into arts and crafts (she knits and she’s daring with her clothes) and a sensitive human being. She’s also a vegetarian so she’s considered the “alternative” one. The petite brunette loves her classics, black and white movies and English literature, she’s a vintage/hipster babe and I love her.
  • Spencer Hastings: Spencer means “keeper/dispenser of provisions” in Middle English. It’s a unisex name that is still on the boys’ side. This name is spot on for Spencer, she comes from a wealthy family and has an older sister, Melissa. I sense that, being the second child, maybe her parents hoped for a boy to carry on the legacy which made Spencer inherit her name. Anyway, I think it suits her perfectly because she can be girly and preppy and dress for cricket and tough and determined, too. She is an overachiever, an incredibly clever individual and she can be boyish in the sense that she takes care of business, is really stubborn and fiercely independent (even though, today, girls can do it on their own just fine!). She’s very confident, doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and could come across as bossy and merciless but it’s only because she cares and wants to protect her friends, taking things into her own hands.
  • Hanna Marin: Hanna is a less common spelling than Hannah or Anna but means “grace” just as much. The meaning is bittersweet because Hanna has evolved quite much since her younger self days, which she refers to as “Hefty Hanna” days, she’s transformed into a beautiful (and popular) flower outside but she was already great inside! The more I watch the show, the more I see that she’s very motherly and intuitive. In fact, that’s a characteristic of Hannas in general. She might not be the “brightest” of the group but she senses when something isn’t right, outspoken, she isn’t afraid to burst snarky comments without a filter and she’s really loving and caring. Hanna’s just a sweet and loveable character.
  • Emily Fields: Emily means “rival”. Actually, to me Emily is the most “girl-next-door” name out of the four. Emily is just “chill” to me, she really goes with the flow, she has her personality but is quiet and sensitive so she won’t ever be the one who starts a fight. I feel that because she’s gay, the author chose that name to “tone it down”, she was an all-American girl (with a go-to name, it was the #1 girls’ name for over a decade, in the books she has strawberry blond hair, etc.), almost unnoticed but her love of sports (she’s a swimmer and the “jock” of the group) and her sexuality make her stand out. She is a bit naïve but incredibly loyal, truly loving and her compassionate and empathic nature makes her forgive easily. Her name is an understandable choice but the meaning doesn’t please me because of her kind personality.

Family and Friends:

Alison DiLaurentis: Alison is a variant of Alice and, even though the Allison spelling is more popular, this one isn’t unknown by any means. It means “noble”, it suits the (really full of herself) former queen bee of the group.

Mona Vanderwaal: Mona means “noble good” but is a diminutive of either Monica (“advisor”) or Ramona (“wise protector”). Mona was Hanna’s best friend but they “fell out of friendship” because of Mona’s betrayal. Her name is quite ironic because she lies to achieve her goals but Monica also comes from “mono”, only one, alone…

Ezra Fitz: Ezra means “help”, he’s also a Bible character and a scribe. He’s Aria’s longtime on-and-off boyfriend (in the tv-show). They really hit it off due to their multiple common interests like literature despite their age difference and love to spend time together cuddled while watching an old movie, debating or eating vegetarian food. Ezra is a teacher and a writer and this uncommon (but so handsome) Biblical name with an edge is perfect for the young and hot professor.

Toby Cavanaugh : Toby is a short form for Tobias, meaning “God is good”. He’s Spencer longtime boyfriend. Tobias is, among other things, the name of a dog in the Bible (no other animal is named in the Bible) which explains the fact that many dogs bear the name. Toby is loyal and understanding, even though he joined the –A team, it was in order to protect Spencer and her friends.

Caleb Rivers: Caleb means “devotion to God”. He’s Hanna’s longtime boyfriend and is clearly devoted to his relationship. He’s kind and loves to help with his knowledge with technology.

Maya St. Germain and Paige McCullers: Both were Emily’s girlfriends, Maya means “water” and Paige is a word name for “page to a lord” (similar to Taylor, “tailor”). The meaning of Maya’s name is nice because Emily’s a swimmer.

Byron, Ella and Mike Montgomery: I wondered if Mike was short for Michael but I thought it was too simple and “common”, actually it stands for Michelangelo! It’s a whole lot of name and I understand him going by Mike. Byron is literary tied with Lord Byron, an English poet. Ella is, like Aria, a romantic name. This is a really nicely named bunch!

Wren Kingston: (Just because his bird name has always intrigued me). Wren is more of a girls’ name but it doesn’t seem shocking on him, a daring nature name choice as cute as Lark.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I had fun writing about my tv-show crush and especially my little Liars! What are your PLL favorite characters and names? 

What should I write about next?

See you soon,


Twin names


Due to my friend Mélanie’s (insistent 😉 ) request: here are the TWIN NAMES!

Having twins is seeing double everything: cribs, baby clothes and of course, baby names! If you already had trouble naming one child, try naming two! Twins mean double the trouble but double the fun, too. So, if you’re expecting, hoping to someday expect or just love twins, this post is for you!

Twin names need to complement each other, as twins have so much in common (same birthday, sometimes same looks, personalities and at times just about everything, just name it!) their name needs to reflect that they’re each a distinct individual yet with a very special bond with another human being. They are, most of all, siblings so their names need to go together. When you name a sibset (set of siblings), since they are, in most cases, born years apart, their names reflect your taste evolution or compromise with your partner. Your other children names don’t necessary match each other in a rhymey-or-same-first-initial-way… So why do that with twins who are already so alike?

My intention is not to criticize parents who do that way but I just want to show that name possibilities are so infinite (even when it comes to naming two babies) that it’s a shame to go with two similar names that scream “yeah, that’s right, we are twins” whereas two “different” names can be perfectly acceptable (you’ll read more about that next). It can also take a “burden” out of your child shoulders who will need to spread his wings without its twin at some point in his/her life without having to share the (almost) exact same name as well.

I am going to list some twin-naming “faux-pas” (IMO, I insist) and tips:

  • Choosing names starting with the same letter or the same sound: My rule is “don’t overdo it”: Oliver and Olivia are choices that seem too obvious, unless you nickname them all the time Ollie and Libby, it’s quite confusing when they’re running around the house and you’re chasing after them calling them “Oliv…!”, fill the gap. Why not, if you want to stick with the same first letter go for choices such as Oscar and Ophelia (= literary associated names) or Olive and Oakley (= word/nature names) who make a really cute combination but keep a distinct and individual feel.
  • Did you know that Lily and Susannah are ultimately the same name? And Isobel and Elizabeth? What about Noor and Lux as middle names since they both mean “light”? William (or Liam) and Edmund both mean “protection”! And if it’s a boy/girl configuration: Rosamund can join her brother William! Kayla and Stephanie join that club too, they both mean “crowned”! You can go by choosing similar names in meaning that couldn’t be farther in spelling, it’s a testimony of great effort to find meaningful names that are not apparent to everyone’s eyes and can make a memorable name story.
  • You and your partner disagree on names? Your spouse can choose baby A’s name, you, baby B’s. Let’s just hope your choices aren’t too far style-wise as Daenerys (character played by Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones) and Catherine (classic and consistent choice)! Don’t choose opposite names in style (as mentioned above), Puff Daddy choose for his twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James, nothing to report here except… They’re both girls! D’Lila inherits a really feminine name and her sister Jessie has two unisex ones! It could be quite sad if they’d envy each other’s name later on…
  • Family names are great, too, you can honor both grandmothers/grandfathers, etc. on the two babies. You can also give them the same middle name (Robert, James, Lillian, Margaret, etc.) or related middle names like Rose and Violet, Pearl and Belle or even Poet, Lyric or Fable. And if they’re boys: Grey and Crimson could be fun!
  • Love both names equally: don’t settle if you’re not satisfied with one of the names or the sound of the two together, persevere! Like the love you have for all your children, their names are a reflection of that, you have to (really) love them, they’re going to bear it every day of their life!
  • Don’t make a joke out of the twins’ names: Starsky and Hutch is a true story, not worth repeating! Always try saying the names in one way and the other, Hugo and Victor are perfectly respectable but say Victor and Hugo and you get Victor Hugo, the French poet!


Some of the best named twins in my opinion are:

  • Rebecca Woolf (Blogger on Girl’s Gone, Boheme Shalom and Reverie Lux, giving them yin and yang names, Boheme’s freedom is contrasted by the peace (Shalom) and Reverie’s sweetness is hit by a bolt, her light (Lux). Previous babes are named Archer Sage and Fable Luella!
  • Marcia Cross’ Savannah and Eden have both place names (the garden of Eden and Savannah, Georgia) that I perceive like blessings, a sense of peace and contentment since she had them at age 45.
  • Ricky Martin’s Matteo and Valentino seem righteous brothers and keep that latin feel and distinctiveness.
  • Marion and Tabitha, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s daughters, love it! They look so different and their names seem to suit them perfectly.
  • Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s Monroe and Morrocan stuck to me, they’re spunky with the same first initial! 😉
  • Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn’s girls, which single names I didn’t like; I discovered (writing this) their entire name: Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose. Charlie and Dolly are nicknames’ name, they rhyme. “Charlie” is a bit masculine compared to Dolly, probably after Jerry’s brother and “Rebecca” is after mom, two namesakes. Finally, “Rose” and “Tulip” are related names, both flowers.

The top baby names of 2005 for twins “decrypted”:


Sorry for the data which is a bit dated but the names are overall consistent.

My first observation is the same first initials (13 out of 20 for the boys, 9 out of 20 for the girls and 18 out of 20 for the boy/girl!) The letter “J” is the most used for both babies 11 times (out of 40), “M” is used 8 times for both babies, “E”, 5 times and “A”, 4 times.

The most shocking for me is the duo that appears on the three lists: Taylor and Tyler. The names’ origin is English meaning, tailor (surprise!). Taylor is legitimately become unisex but Tyler’s still on the boys’ side… Still, on the girl/girl case, this choice is ranked at #2, one the girls being named Tyler!

For me, Emma and Ella are too close in sound, too. And the virtuous sisters Faith and Hope (#1) and Faith and Grace (#8) have made their way to millions of parents’ hearts, it’s pretty but overdone in my taste…


I hope you enjoyed my twins post. It gave me the opportunity to express myself a little more than with my recollections of themed names and I had a lot of fun listing the do’s and don’t’s of twin-naming. I’d like to do this more often so your opinion and suggestions are welcome!



Geographical names


Hi guys! I thought it would be fun to write this post next because it’s a broad subject and it’s always nice to see which unusual (or not) names parents and celebrities come up with. A lot of these names I remembered from hearing them or seeing them on forums but I discovered some when I scattered the internet, too.

We can undoubtedly say that a lot of place names fit both sexes and can match numerous name styles: parents who want to celebrate the place where they (first) met, or married, a place they visited and kept a fond memory of or even the spot where their child was conceived… 🙂

A geographical name can also open a world of possibilities for a child and for parents who expect their child to be opened to the world, or even fearless and adventurous and maybe be a future globetrotter!

Here a (SOME) possibilities for an erudite traveler baby!

Adelaide, Australia

Ajax, Canada


Aspen, Colorado

Astoria, Oregon

Aurora, Ontario

Austin, Texas

(Santa) Barbara, California

Berkeley, California (or England)

Bluebell, Pennsylvania (or in Alabama but it’s a fictionnal setting in Hart of Dixie !)

Boston (in Massachussetts, New York and England)

Brooklyn, New York

Cairo, Egypt

Camden, England

(Grand) Canyon, Arizona


Charlotte(town), Canada

Dakota, Wisconsin (and the U.S. state)

Dallas, Texas

Daphne, Alabama

Dayton, Ohio (and Virginia)

(San) Diego, California

Ellis (island), New York

Eugene, Oregon

Florence, Italy

(San) Francisco

George(town), Washington, D.C.

Georgia (U.S. state or European country)

Georgina, Ontario

Harley, Ontario

(New) Haven, Connecticut

Indiana(polis), Indiana

Jackson(ville), Florida

Kansas, Missouri

Logan, Ohio

London/Londyn/Landon/Landen, England – this name as so many variations coming from « London » obviously to fit a little boy, too ! It’s not surprising that this name isn’t a top choice in England unlike the U.S.

(San) Lorenzo, Paraguay


Madison – A lot of “-son” names have made it to the girl side and especially Madison with its “oh-so-lovely” Maddie nickname // Addison with Addie

Morgan (City), Louisiana

Paisley, Scotland

Paris, France

(São) Paulo, Brazil

(San) Pedro, Paraguay

Phoenix – even though I can’t be sure for this one if Phoenix as to do with the bird… (River Phoenix, actor, Phoenix Chi Brown, Melanie Brown’s daughter and Tammin Sursok’s baby girl, Phoenix Emmanuel) 

Pilar, Paraguay

Rio (de Janeiro), Brazil – this one is AMAZING, it’s short and sunny and bold!

Roma(n/e), Italy

Santiago, (San) Tiago, Chile (and Portugal)

Savannah, Georgia – really feminine and pretty

Sierra (Nevada), California (and Spain)

Victoria, British Columbia


A lot of my favorite names are place names if I had to “choose” I’ll probably pick one of these : Arizona, Astoria, Aspen, Brooklyn, Carolina, Charlotte, Diego, Georgia, Madison, Rio, Santiago or Tiago, Savannah and Victoria (girls win this place name game for me 🙂 ) These are my choices because they remind me of the summer, make me happy and think of pretty little boys and girls running free in the summer heat and beautiful colors!

What are yours?

See you soon!

Colorful names


This time, lights on color names!

Naming your child one of the colors of the rainbow can be a lot of fun, the choices are numerous and quite stylish! Your cherub will bring even more joy into your life with a spunky, colorful name 🙂

(I’ll put “obvious” choices as well as variants and shades of colors. – names are in “color scheme”)



Azure – perfect for a blue-eyed babe

Blake/Blakely – fair-haired or dark (!)



Blue – Beyoncé and Jay-Z paired this color with Ivy, the roman for their lucky number, 4 (IV)

Cattleya – this purple-ish name feels unexpected yet really pretty



Coral – a name fitted for a head-to-toe girly girl 😉

Crimson – a brother to sister Scarlett for red-loving parents


Grey/Gray – fit for an handsome gentleman (this name is gaining popularity since the release of the book Fifty Shades of Grey and its charismatic male character, Christian Grey). The “Gray” spelling can suit a little girl, too!

Indigo – Amazing name! The – o ending is sassy on a girl and Indie or even India can be nicknames to “tone it down”.


Kelly – Meaning “war” and also a shade of green 

Kieran/Kiera/Kyra – little dark one


Magenta – Maggie is a possible nickname…

Melanie – dark, black. Mel, Laine or Lainey are nickname options.

Rainbow – the ultimate color name choice! Watch out, it makes a statement!

Rose – pink

Scarlett – Thanks to Gone With The Wind and Scarlett O’Hara, this color became a legitimate name! More recently, actress Scarlett Johansson made the name gain renewed popularity.


Vermilion – Vera or Millie are cute nicknames


I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

What are your favorite color names? Are you named after a color? Which one? Do you like it?

See you soon!