Four notable celebrity families

Today I would like to talk about four famous families (in their respective fields) that have caught my attention in the recent years because of their names. Their brood has grown such as my interest in what their next child’s name would be!

Firstly, we’ll discover the Novogratz, a family of nine who became famous for their decoration show 9 By Design and you’ll find out about their intriguing children’s names.

Secondly, the Hansons, former singers (remember them, the band of brothers known for that catchy MMMBop tune), whose families’ name choices are nothing short of delightful!

Thirdly, we’ll talk about the Baldwins, they’re in no shape or form new to the game but Alec Baldwin’s two (and soon-to-be three) babies with his wife Hilaria as well as the rise of  his grown daughter Ireland’s career as a fashion model as well as her cousin Hailey Baldwin (19 y.o. daughter of Stephen, fashion model and Justin Bieber’s ex) made me want to dig this family’s heritage.

Lastly, the Hadids! Sisters Gigi and Bella are the sensation in the modelling scene right now and their names are really interesting too!

The Novogratz

The New York interior designers Cortney and Robert Novogratz (who currently live in California) first caught my attention on TV. As I watch flipping through the channels, I stumbled upon their show 9 By Design on Sic Mulher. I heard Cortney call their son, Major, and I immediately focused on the program! Then I heard the name Five, and seeing they had a large family, I was dying to know the other children’s names. Maybe it’s just an impression but I find it quite amusing that parents with multiple children seem to be more daring (sometimes as the brood keeps on growing or from the get-go) than those with one or two…!

Novogratz Family Portraits and Lifestyle Photography

The Novogratz Family (photo credits:

The first-born is Wolfgang Frances (b) then came the twin girls Bellamy Nicole and Tallulah Louise, Breaker Owsley, the second set of twins is made of Five Beck (b) the fifth child – pun intended – and Holleder Street (b) meanwhile Major Robert is the youngest. You can read about the details about how the children’s names got to be in this great World of Wonder article while I will take on it with a Carol twist and comment on the family’s style and my favorite  choices.

Wolfgang, is named after the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it’s also a nod to the Novogratz’ Austrian heritage. I love that Wolfgang – meaning “traveling wolf” in German – is a strong and “bad-ass” name but the nickname Wolfie softens and tones it down. Shorter version “Wolf” is perfectly wearable and doesn’t seem too out there as a day-to-day name.

Baby A was supposed to be named Tallulah but Cortney and Robert felt like Bellamy suited her better. Tallulah, Baby B, is named after the Tallulah Falls, “a beautiful creek and waterfall in the Novogratz’s home state of Georgia” and the 40’s actress Tallulah Bankhead (Lifeboat, Stage Door Canteen). Bellamy means “fine friend” (= bel ami) and Tallulah means”lady of abundance” or “leaping water”.

Breaker Morant, a 1980 Australian movie directed by Bruce Beresford gave the fourth Novogratz child his name. Like Danger or Gunnar, it’s an “all-boy” name, it screams “trouble-maker”!

I absolutely love Five‘s name! Just like Clover for a fourth child like this blogger’s daughter – Katy @nobigdill – (or not) makes me swoon or Octavia for an eight child… Quinn is another option but the English/literal version is really cool, such as its pairing with Beck! Holleder is unexpected but it follows the trend of last names as firsts which I’m a fan of. His nickname is “Hollie” which could be the long form for a little Hollis and at the same time, is similar to the more common Oliver’s “Ollie”.

As for little Major, he is named after his father but mostly his grand-father who was called by everyone “Major Robert” in the military. Fun fact: “Born on President Barack Obama’s inauguration day, Major could have been named Liberty Grace — if he had been a girl“.

As a conclusion, the girls’ names are my favorite as a set, Bellamy and Tallulah are stunning! Holleder and Major are my other picks, I love the trend  of-er names of the last years as well as word names and tributes who make name picking all the sweeter.

The Hanson

Next up, the musicians. Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac became a hit on the charts in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, thanks to their band Hanson. You’ll probably remember their songs MMMBop, I Will Come To You, Save Me or If Only.

Four years ago, I read an article featured on Nameberry written by Natalie Hanson, Taylor’s wife. She explained her name choices for their (then) four children and I was amazed at the elegance of the combinations! She then gave birth to their fifth child, Wilhelmina Jane in October 2012 and explained her pick on the site as well.

Not only the Hanson come from a large family (their parents, Walker and Diana have 7 children) but they also have a large family of their own. The siblings names are: Clarke Isaac “Isaac” (b.1980), Jordan Taylor “Taylor” (b.1983), Zachary “Zac” Walker (b.1985), Jessica Grace (b.1988), Avery Laurel (b.1990), Joshua “Mac” Mackenzie (b.1994) and Zoe  Genevive (b.1998). A Hanson quirk is that the boys usually go by their middle name! Even the patriarch’s full name is Clarke Walker but he goes by Walker. 


Isaac’s family (source)

Isaac is married to Nikki, they have 3 children: Clarke Everett “Everett” (b.2007), James Monroe “Monroe” (b.2008) and Nina Odette (b.2014).

I really like Isaac’s children names, they are straight-forward yet stylish. The first and middle name flow together and either one they chose on a daily basis is great!

Taylor and Natalie are the proud parents of 5 children: Jordan Ezra “Ezra” (b.2002), Penelope “Penny” Anne (b.2005), River Samuel (b.2006), Viggo Moriah (b.2008) and Wilhelmina “Willa” Jane (b.2012).

I feel like Taylor and his wife were on a creative process to find what felt right for them and their style evolved because the siblings’ names are unique yet, work well together. Natalie is a name enthusiast since her teenage days and that certainly translates into her now mom status! All children have a name or nickname that is 5-letters long or shorter, which I like because some days superb names like Penelope and Wilhelmina can feel like a mouthful!

Natalie explains “Wilhelmina is a form of William, which means “resolute protection”.  Right now I am so in love with this strong and beautiful name, and even more in love with the girl who bears it!” She goes on by saying the range of nicknames to choose from were a definite perk.


Taylor and Natalie with their 5 children (source)

Zac and his wife Kate recently welcomed their fourth child. Their children’s names are John Ira Shepherd “Shepherd” (b.2008), Junia Rosa Ruth (b.2010), George Abraham Walker “Abraham” (b.2013) and Mary Lucille Diana “Lucille” (b.2016). Zac has a more traditional approach with Biblical/Hebrew names and family tributes (Walker and Diana being his parents names) he’s also the only of the three whose children bear three names. Junia is the only child who is called by her first name, unlike the middle (Abraham and Lucille) or the third one (Shepherd).


Zac with his youngest daughter Mary Lucille Diana born in Aug. 2016 (source)


Kate with Junia, Shepherd and Abe (source)











The Baldwins

Thirdly, I have decided to take on a famous family of actors, the Baldwins. The 6 siblings are commonly known as the “Baldwin Brothers”, all in the movie business; Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen while the “Baldwin Sisters”, Elizabeth and Jane Anne, are less known.

Elizabeth (b.1955) has 6 children with Charles Keuchler: John, Jennifer, Jill, Jean, Jessica, Jacqueline. What’s with the -J initial trend since the 80’s I don’t know…


Hilaria holding Carmen, Alec with baby Rafael

Alec (Alexander Rae Baldwin III, b.1958) was formerly married to Kim Basinger (her full name is surprisingly Kimila Ann) with whom he had daughter Ireland Eliesse (b.1995). He remarried in 2012 with Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor, and they had Carmen Gabriela (b.2013) and Rafael Thomas (b.2015) while another little boy is on the way. It’s obvious that the ladies had an influence in the name picking (I’m not complaining!) Ireland is stunning and a bold choice 21 years ago while Carmen and Rafael are delightfully Latinx!

UPDATE: On September 12th, the couple welcomed their third child, Leonardo Ángel Charles. I was rooting for Mateo but Carmen, Rafael and Leo makes a really cute sibset!

Daniel Leroy (b.1960) has five children: Kahlea (b. 1984) with ex-wife Cheryl, Alexandra (b.1994) with ex-wife Elizabeth, with Isabella Hoffman he had Atticus (b.1996), Avis Ann (b.2008) and Finley Rae Martineau (b.2009) are his daughters with Joanne Smith. The brood is not necessarily cohesive but I like the names, they’re cool.


Daniel with Avis and Finley

William “Billy” Joseph (b.1963) has three chidren with Chynna Phillips: daughter Jameson (b.2000), son Vance (b.2002) and daughter Brooke (b.2004). The sibset is unisex, Jameson could easily go on a boy while I could picture a girl named Vance! Good picks.

Jane Anne (b.1965) and Randy Sasso have two children: Grainger and Griffin. The last names as firsts trend strikes again, I prefer Griffin – which is more established – over Grainger though.


Stephen with Hailey and Alaia


Stephen Andrew (b.1966) and Kennya Deodato, a Brazilian graphic designer, are married since 1990 and they have two children together, daughters Alaia and Hailey Rhode (b.1996). I couldn’t find any information on Alaia but I think she’s the oldest child. The sisters’ names sound similar aloud (lots of -Ls and -Is) but I like them.




The Hadids

Lastly, let’s talk about the Hadid, the new family of models on the block.

When I first heard of Gigi Hadid I wondered for what “Gigi” stood for. Was it Giselle, Gina or even Ginnifer? It’s actually short for Jelena! No need to say my interest was piqued; I was impressed and wanted to know more about her.


Gigi, Anwar, Yolanda and Bella Hadid

Born in 1995, Jelena Noura is the daughter of Mohamed and Yolanda Hadid, he is a Palestinian-American real-estate developer while she is a Dutch-American former model (great genes and cultural combination, I’m telling you).

Her sister Bella – Isabella Khair (b.1996) – is also a model, her middle name is a twist on her paternal grandmother’s name Khairiah (<3).

Anwar (b.1999) is the youngest, I am guessing he was named after his paternal grandfather.

Marielle and Alana Hadid are their sisters from Mohamed’s previous marriage and Yolanda has remarried and has five daughters (Sara, Erin, Amy, Jordan and Allison) with husband David Foster.


I hope you enjoyed my post! What were your favorite names? Can you think of other large famous families (+ in which field?)?

Lots of love and I’ll see you soon,